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Online Marketing: PPC - Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are a great marketing tool for generating instant traffic. They allow you to immediately respond to trends and events. They provide measurable results.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click are sponsored adverts that appear alongside search engine listings and within affiliated sites. They work by sponsoring or bidding for keywords, when that phrase is searched for your advert appears - but as the name implied you only pay when your advert is clicked on.

PPC the advantages

PPC offer highly targeting traffic, you can be very specific about the keywords and even the time of day and geography of your customers. This almost allows you to 'pre-qualify' your visitors meaning they are often more likely to convert into customers.

PPC also permits tight control of your budget and offers highly visible tracking of the effectiveness of campaigns.

Managed Campaigns

The ease with which PPC campaigns are set up means many companies run their own campaigns. However, to get the best from your campaign needs constant review, and management. Having your PPC campaigns professionally managed helps keep the cost effectiveness of the campaigns under control.

The Ideas Forge can create or manage your campaigns for you. our service includes keyword research, ad copywriting, monthly management and reporting. Where Optimisation and/or website services are included we can perform optimisation to improve natural search for the best terms and even create specific landing pages for the adverts.

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Email Marketing

Opt-in email campaigns are an effective way of keeping your customers engaged and turning one-off visitors into regular customers.

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