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Online Marketing: Email marketing

An effective email campaign can enhance your company's brand image, reduce customer churn and increase sales.

Give something to get something

A good email campaign delivers something of value to your customers, you already know who they are and what they want, so and email campaign is perfect to keep them informed, offer them information or special offers and in short increase their loyalty.

We strongly believe in ethical emails that comply to current requirements in terms of identifying the sender and unsubscription processes etc.

Text or Graphics?

Undoubtedly graphics looks the most inviting when viewed on your computer, but these days many people are reading emails on their phones and once again content is king. If you are delivering news, offers or information that is timely and relevant, that is the key.

Measuring Success

Email shots offer excellent opportunities for measurement. Perhaps the most important being click through rate - i.e. what percentage of recipients actually visited your website as a result of receiving the email. We can measure which elements attract the most clicks and even run side by side campaigns with different copy to measure which performs best.

What can the Ideas Forge offer?

We can help you write and distribute a single email or create a graphical email and manage your campaigns on a monthly basis. It's entirely up to you.

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Social Media

Social media is an important element in online marketing that enables you to spread your net wider and capture new audiences.

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