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Online Marketing: Integrated Campaigns

Online marketing started life as a separate discipline, almost an afterthought "Oh and we need a website too". Today that position is inconceivable, even small businesses capture a significant proportion of their custoimers from and initial on-line contact.

Online Marketing is therefore moving centre stage for may companies with all other offline campaigns being closely linked to that first online contact.

The Ideas Forge have many years experience in delivering integrated marketing campaigns from corporate websites, with seamless journeys from site to downloads to print material to display material. We can bring big business experience to small and medium size enterprises. from consultancy to complete campaign management we have the skills and experience to pull it all together.

Integrated campaigns: The benefits

Each element of a marketing campaign provides some level of marketing intelligence. A campaign that spans traditional outbound marketing, PR, Events, PPC advertising, SEO, email shots and social media is a rich source of information which can provide useful cross-fertilization. Pulling all these threads together can mean the difference between becoming a market leader and an also-ran.

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