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Online Marketing: Social Media

Marketing through social media enables you to extend your company footprint on the web and tap into markets that may not traditionally seek you out through 'conventional' searches.

Like it or not, social media and its impact on our personal and business lives is here to stay. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are places where your company, products and services are open to public discussion.

Harness the buzz

We can advise you on which elements are best suited to your business, the time and resources you have and the objectives you want to achieve. A good social media presence will bring you closer to your customers and help you to make timely, informed decisions about your services and products based on real-world feedback.

Engage your customers

Blogs and Tweets are a more informal method of communication and can help you engage with your customers on a different level. You are more likely to stimulate a response through these media.

What does The Ideas Forge Offer

We can advise you on the options that are open to you and help tailor engaging with the right media to your needs. We can help set up Blogs, RSS feed, Facebook pages and advise you how to use them. We can also manage your entire social media presence if required.

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Integrated marketing

A comprehensive integrated online marketing campaign benefits from cross utilisation of marketing intelligence from different platforms.

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