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Website Design: CMS - Content Management Systems

When you need to be able to change the contents of your Website on a frequent basis then you will benefit from using a Content Management System (CMS). Website content falls broadly into two categories: Static and dynamic.

A static site may be a marketing site where the content does not change frequently and the site can be created using HTML. This produces a very efficient site which can easily be optimised but changes are made by the designer.

A site with dynamic content may contain news, event, offers etc. In this case the site is designed using a CMS, the designer creates the site and page templates and you can then enter and update the content yourself.

Easy to update

To update the content in your CMS based site you don't have to be a web expert, as long as you can type you can update. You can also set up multiople editors and share out the responsibility of keeping your site up to date.

How can The Ideas Forge Help?

We will discuss your needs with you and recommend the best option for you. There are many options available and we can help you determine which will suit you. In some cases the solution may be a predominently static site with just one or two edtibale sections.


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